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ERJ Brainteaser: November

Added: 24 Nov 2023

We have a clear, stand-out winner this month, not least for answering Q4. Congratulations to David …

ERJ Brainteaser: August

Added: 1 Sep 2023

A close-run decision but our top award goes to Sudi Sudarshan of Bridgestone Americas, new holder o…

ERJ Brainteaser: July

Added: 28 Jul 2023

For some stand-out answering throughout July, it’s big congratulations to Stephan Paischer of Sempe…

ERJ Brainteaser: June

Added: 30 Jun 2023

Some great work all round but for so quickly unscrambling Q1, the top prize goes to John Bowen, our…

ERJ Brainteaser: November

Added: 21 Nov 2022

For being first with the answer to tricky Q2, our top award this time goes to Andrew Knox of Rubbon…

ERJ Brainteaser - January 2020

ERJ Brainteaser: September

Added: 30 Sep 2022

Really tough to choose a winner this time, with some fine answering by our leading players. But, fo…

ERJ Brainteaser: August

Added: 22 Aug 2022

With an outstanding run of answering, the clear winner of our top award is Andrew Knox of Rubbond I…

ERJ Brainteaser: July

Added: 4 Jul 2022

A clear winner this month, not least for his super sharp reply to Q2, is industry consultant John B…

ERJ Brainteaser: November

ERJ Brainteaser: June

Added: 27 Jun 2022

This time around we have decided to award the Brainiac of the Month title to readers who provided a…

ERJ Brainteaser: April

Added: 29 Apr 2022

As regular readers know, our top award sometimes goes to a best newcomer (or relative newcomer). Ou…

Hanover, Germany — ContiConnect, the digital tire-monitoring platform Continental AG unveiled last fall, is now active in the US, Canada, Malaysia and Thailand for trucking fleets, the German tire maker said recently.

ERJ Brainteaser: March

Added: 14 Mar 2022

For expert answering, and going beyond the call-of-duty with flawed Q3, it’s congratulations to And…

Leafcutter ants

ERJ Brainteaser: February

Added: 21 Feb 2022

For some stand-out answering, especially to Q1 and Q4, the top award goes to Michele Girardi of Sca…

Answer: For the first time ever, our teaser has beaten the best brains in the rubber industry – with one exception. Extra well done to Yuichi (Joe) Sano, Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, Itami, Japan who decoded the hidden message behind this Caeser code as: ‘do the brainteaser’

ERJ Brainteaser: January 2022

Added: 28 Jan 2022

For being so sharply in with the correct answers to this month’s tricky teasers, the top title goes…