European sales agent
Arthur Schavemaker, Spoorstraat 21, 7471 BV
PO Box 130, 7470 AC Goor,
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 547 275005 | Email:

Chinese sales agent
Leod Lee, Rm 2010, Bldg. C, ULO Park, Futongdong Street
Wangjing, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing 100102
Tel: +86-10-8478 7236 | Email:

Italian sales agent
Roberto Gallino, Mediapoint & Communications srl, Corte Lambruschini,
Corso Buenos Aires 8, V°piano-interno 9, 16129 Genova
Tel:  +39 010 570 4948 | Email:

US sales agent
Brad Glazer, Tel: +(1) 216 233-6943 | Email:

Tiawanese sales agent
Erin King, Worldwide Services Co., 11F-2, No. 540, Wen Hsin Road, 
Section 1, Taichung, 408
Tel:  +886 4 2325 1784 | Email:

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European Rubber Journal and its predecessors have been reporting onthe global rubber and tire processing industries for 130 years. It is the most authoritative, trusted and established avenue for communicating with these markets.

Published six times a year, the news, features and opinion sections of the
print edition address all significant commercial and technical trends in
natural and synthetic rubber and tires, taking in the whole supply chain from
rubber growing, formulation, design and manufacture to the consumer. Our
industry data surveys command wide respect and are in steady demand.


The magazine website –, complements
the print edition, with real-time news updates from around the world. It is a
highly regarded information tool in such a fast-moving industry.


ERJ’s daily newsletter provides researched stories, links to topical issues
and breaking news, and information about upcoming events direct to
subscribers’ inboxes. All recipients have requested this service and many
use it as their sole source of daily news. We know that leading professionals
and opinion formers around the world open the newsletter, read the
stories it highlights and use it as part of their daily planning.

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  • Magazine circulation – 7,244 / issue
  • Online statistics – 8,078 users / month
  • E-newsletter recipients – 5,737 unique email addresses

Our audience is made up of senior managers in companies that
manufacture car, truck and industrial tires; also rubber goods for medical,
food contact, industrial, automotive, clothing and other consumer
applications. Their suppliers and customers also read ERJ. We carry
information and articles which help these people make more money and
enhance their businesses.

With such an influential readership and online presence, we are able to
offer any company the ideal mix of digital and print promotion.