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Technical paper: Sumitomo Rubber taps AI for tire aerodynamic simulation

Added: 3 Mar 2024

Japanese group targets air flow resistance to improve fuel efficiency of next-generation EV tires

At K2019, HF Mixing Group will showcase its new ADVISE 4.0 mixing room automation technology. The modular and scalable system covers every process within a mixing room: from the raw materials storage, the computer-controlled, manual and fully automated weighing of small components, the mixing process, downstream equipment and storage of mixtures.

Evolutionary AI based algorithm for optimizing final mixing processes in the rubber industry

Added: 4 Feb 2024

Tool for optimising industrial processes in tire and technical rubber goods industries can deliver …

Scrap tires put the brakes on mosquitos

Unexpected EV environmental problem with common sense solutions

Added: 4 Feb 2024

Recycled Rubber Coalition study highlights environmental challenges presented by electric vehicle t…

HF Technical Paper: 57% energy savings with tandem technology

Added: 6 Dec 2023

HF Mixing Group project with Kraiburg Austria to analyse energy-savings, efficiencies offered by th…

Fraunhofer assesses CO2 savings of different tire recycling routes

Added: 5 Dec 2023

LCA 'impact categories' included global warming, particulate matter and resource-use compared to en…

DuPont submission to ECHA consultation on proposed PFAS restrictions

Added: 1 Dec 2023

Among the industry sectors likely to be severely impacted would be oil & gas, semiconductor, chemic…

Albis unveils polyamide adhesion modified TPV grades

Nippon Soda: Analysis of new materials for polyurethanes

Added: 26 Sep 2022

Technical paper examines the new options for the development of high-performance polyurethanes that…

Troester advances smart, economical and sustainable hose manufacture

Added: 25 Sep 2022

German rubber machinery specialist develops automatic centering straight heads, crossheads, and dou…

Albis unveils polyamide adhesion modified TPV grades

Technical paper: Products cured by crosslinking of alkyl vinyl group

Added: 31 Aug 2022

Study by Hiroki Hashimoto, Nippon Soda examines curing mechanisms of polybutadiene and styrene-buta…

New Elastomers for Sustainability Top 10 projects announced

Elastomers for Sustainability IV

Added: 30 Dec 2021

Report on the fourth staging of ERJ programme to identify the most important sustainability project…

Evonik to acquire Huber Silica

Technical paper: Varying Si-substituents for rubber silanes

Added: 29 Dec 2021

Evonik article examines hydrophobation of the silica surface, reducing the agglomeration tendency

Corrections to ERJ Machinery Survey  

White paper: Why tire air retention matters now more than ever

Added: 28 Dec 2021

ExxonMobil study shows how proper inflation is becoming ever more critical as electric vehicles put…

Dow dismisses allegations against CEO

Dow Fluorosilicone rubber for turbocharger hoses

Added: 25 Dec 2021

Dow article about the growing use of the company’s Silastic fluorosilicone rubber in automotive tur…

White paper: Role of tire innerliners in improving 'in-use rolling resistance'

White paper: Role of tire innerliners in improving 'in-use rolling resistance'

Added: 10 Nov 2020

ExxonMobil presents an “in-use” rolling resistance case study comparing three tires with three diff…