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Compounding survey: Leading players chart market highs and lows - DRAFT

European Custom Compounding Survey 2023

Added: 31 Jul 2023

Strong sales growth but caution over impact of current pressures on costs, supply-chain and markets

Global Top 50 Rubber Product Manufacturers 2023

Added: 31 Jul 2023

New challenges ahead for the world’s largest non-tire rubber product makers

Chinese tire makers advance overseas investment plans

Added: 30 Jul 2023

Amid uncertain domestic prospects, Chinese tire makers are eyeing new overseas expansion projects

Bridgestone, Microsoft develop tire-damage monitoring system 

North America tire & rubber product sector shake-up

Added: 29 Jul 2023

Jolt to rankings was provided, however, by Goodyear’s 2021 acquisition of Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

ERJ Machinery Survey 2023 - Powering through

Added: 31 May 2023

Market pressures keep a lid on growth but business fundamentals remain strong for global manufactur…

Tire industry now a pacesetter in AI arena

Added: 31 May 2023

Skills shortages after Covid crisis accelerate investment in ‘digital algorithmic’ capabilities

Elastomers for Sustainability - New Top 10 rankings

Added: 31 May 2023

The latest staging of ERJ’s programme to identify materials science-based projects contributing mos…

Report: James Walker to unveil new O&G elastomer family

Seals makers and end-users in frontline of PFAS battle

Added: 26 May 2023

Alarm over moves by European regulatory agency to ban fluorine-based substances, including elastome…

Pirelli to cut costs, ‘contain' investment under new plan 

Tire makers seek to build on 2022 gains amid rising costs

Added: 14 Apr 2023

Ability to manage and offset higher materials, energy, labour costs will be key to maintaining prof…

Industry group shares 15 years of tire particle research for free

Toxicity of tire wear particles rising up the industry agenda

Added: 11 Apr 2023

A challenge ‘to get ahead on, because this is a harder issue to solve and potentially more problema…

Silicone 'key to growth' in regulation-driven EV markets

Added: 8 Apr 2023

Global market “very dynamic with the supply-chain realigning at the moment…”

Elastomer R&D on full charge

Added: 7 Apr 2023

Innovation in the rubber industry being driven by rising adoption of electric vehicles amid fast-ch…

ERJ Top 10 Stories of the Week (9 - 13 March)

EU deforestation law ‘could marginalise rubber growers’

Added: 22 Feb 2023

Rubber produced by smallholders could be relegated to second-tier market, warns leading consultancy

VMI: 75 years of making tire production possible

How VMI is dealing with supply-chain pressures

Added: 22 Feb 2023

Leader explains how Dutch-based tire & rubber machinery maker is managing these on-going challenges…

Court clears extension to Nynas reorganisation

Securing supply is the new challenge for European rubber industry

Added: 22 Feb 2023

‘To restore resilience, companies will need to consider a range of options to secure stable supplie…

Mitsubishi advances “world’s first” bio-polycarbonatediol

Synthetic rubber demand spurs investment and innovation

Added: 22 Feb 2023

Global market demands drive expansion and R&D in the areas of olefinic, HNBR, SBR elastomers

Driving energy efficiency in the tire & rubber industry

Added: 22 Feb 2023

Motors and drives are key to optimising rubber mixing and other energy-intensive processes, Fausto …

Zeppelin advances automation capabilities

Added: 22 Feb 2023

“Our vision is to have more digital services for predictive maintenance, digital-twin, AI and smart…

German chemicals producers braced for tough 2023

Added: 22 Feb 2023

VCI: Costs have risen faster than selling prices so that profits are now falling at around 80% of t…

HF back on top as China dents growth in rubber-machinery sector

Tire Technology Expo: Back to the future

Added: 22 Feb 2023

Annual show is once again fully geared up to showcase developments and technologies that will shape…