IoM3 event to study elastomers in the rail industry

5 Sep 2023

Answer: The probability was 12/81 or 14.8% as explained by: Bharat B Sharma, Sr VP Product Development & Technical Service (Elastomers), Reliance Industries Ltd, Vadodara, Gujarat, India; Michele Girardi, Scame  Mastaf Spa, Suisio, Italy; Andrew Knox, Rubbond International, Ohé en Laak, The Netherlands; John Droogan, advanced polymers and composites, MegaChem (UK) Ltd, Caldicot, Monmouthshire, UK; Hans-Bernd Lüchtefeld, market research & communication manager, PHP Fibers GmbH, Obernburg, Germany; Ramasubramanian P, manager, marketing – mixer and LTKMPL products, rubber processing machinery, Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Vedal Village,  Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India; Yuichi (Joe) Sano, Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, Itami, Japan.