Zeon: Improving long-term performance of HNBR compounds

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Zeon Corp. is seeking to enhance the long-term properties of hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR) to meet increasing demands from the automotive and oil & gas industries. A particular focus is on peroxide-cured compounds, in which the use of metal oxides – typically 3-5phr of zinc oxide – is standard, set out a paper presented by Dana Stripe at the recent DKT 2018 conference in Nuremberg.
Zeon, explained Stripe, is studying a range of alternative options to metal oxides. These include hydrotalcite, which is typically used in chlorine-containing polymers, and can act as an acid-acceptor.
Zeon is also studying the use polymeric plasticisers to improve the long-term heat aging properties of HNBR. The benefits, suggests the paper, could out-weigh reductions in compression set in some applications.