ContiTech develops intelligent marine hoses

Hanover, Germany – Continental Corp. has developed a sensor technology that enables precise position monitoring of marine hoses.

The sensors, integrated in the company’s “intelligent hoses” can closely monitor the position of the individual hose sections and detect potential damage before it happens, according to Conti’s rubber products arm ContiTech.

The technology offers reliable location detection, real time data and updates as well as early warnings for maintenance, helping operators reduce cost and have a more efficient servicing process.

The sensors, according to ContiTech, can be used in all buoy systems in the oil & marine sector and can also be added onto existing applications.

“Having a system that can monitor the position of our hoses accurately is important at sea,” said Paul Staton, technical manager based in Grimsby, the UK.

The patented sensor system, Staton said, will replace regular inspections, which are done by operators who “go out in boats to check on the condition of the hose string.”

The sensors, fitted to the floating hose sections between the tanker and the buoy system, detect the hose string orientation and identify whether individual hoses have been over-bent.

Continental expects to add new functions to the sensor for marine hoses soon.

The functions, according to Staton, include remote-controlled leak detection and collision warning, load monitoring, service life optimisation and cradle to grave asset management.