Michelin co-develops tires for electric Harley

Greenville, South Carolina – Harley-Davidson USA has launched its first all-electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, with help from Michelin, which worked with the Milwaukee-based motorcycle maker to develop tires specifically for the new model.

The LiveWire — which goes on sale this fall — is the first of a portfolio of electric two-wheelers that Harley-Davidson is planning, according to Michelin.

The French tire maker is supplying the custom-designed Scorcher Sport tires, designed to enhance the ride and handling performance of the electric bike.

The LiveWire features a magnetic-electric motor rated at 105 hp, matched with a high-voltage battery and 146 miles of city range or 95 miles of combined stop-and-go and highway range, Harley-Davidson said.

The Scorcher Sport tires incorporate Michelin’s proprietary dual compound technology (2CT and 2CT+), which the company said provides “outstanding” levels of wet and dry grip while also providing wear resistance in the centre of the tread.

The tire’s radial casing was tuned specifically to extract the maximum performance from the LiveWire, Michelin said.

A distinctive tread pattern and velvet sidewall design, which includes Harley-Davidson co-branding along the Michelin name, complement the styling of the motorcycle.

Michelin said its engineers worked directly with Harley-Davidson for two years to co-design the Scorcher Sport tires for the LiveWire.