Bridgestone relaunching TomTom Telematics

Brussels – Bridgestone Europe is relaunching TomTom Telematics as Webfleet Solutions effective 1 Oct, the Japanese tire & rubber company announced 9 Sept.

Bridgestone acquired the business 1 April to strengthen its digital capabilities, as part of an ongoing plan to transform from a tire producer into a mobility solutions company.

The new company, said the Bridgestone statement, is “Europe’s number one” provider of fleet solutions – a double-digit growth industry.

The name Webfleet Solutions was inspired by Bridgestone’s main solution platform Webfleet, which has been providing telematics for fleets for the past 20 years.

The relaunch, according to Bridgestone, reflects the company’s “ambition to provide a wider range of digital mobility and fleet solutions” to customers.

Bridgestone EMEA currently serves over 1.2 million vehicles with mobility subscriptions and fleet solutions.

“When we acquired Webfleet Solutions at the beginning of the year, we created a fleet solutions powerhouse,” said CEO and president of Bridgestone EMEA, Paolo Ferrari.

The two companies, he added, have ‘the infrastructure, the data and insights, and the people’ to advance in this area of mobility.