Firestone, Dow contribute to energy modelling tool

Midland, Michigan – Dow will collaborate with Firestone Building Products LLC to create an energy modelling tool for analysis of the use of polyurethane roofing insulation from Firestone.

The tool will accurately describe reductions in cost, energy and greenhouse gas emissions of commercial structures using the Isogard-brand insulation material, according to a Firestone news release.

The modelling tool, which will be available on Firestone’s website in 2020, is being developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory with funding support from Dow, Firestone said.

Users will be able to scenario-test potential long-term reductions in energy use throughout the building as well as associated greenhouse gases because of the installation of the insulation material.

It will compare use-phase building energy consumption to alternative roofing technologies.

The new tool will be used to promote Isogard roofing insulation, which is produced using Dow’s polyurethane raw materials.

Firestone said the foam is formulated to retain more of its insulating value at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit compared to existing polyurethane foams.