Kaco enters e-mobility market with new face seals

Kirchardt, Germany – Automotive sealing specialist Kaco GmbH has developed new face seals for rotor shaft cooling for electric vehicles to prevent electrical engines from overheating.

The new seals are axial acting systems for high speeds of up to 37 m/sec, pressure application of up to 0,4 MPa and allowed ambient temperature between -40 and 140°C, Kaco said in a release in July.

Based on a combination of materials such as silicon carbide, high-performance elastomers and stainless steel, the seals are “robust, durable and effective,” the company statement added.

Kaco, which already supplies sealing solutions for water pumps and control valves, said it “transferred” its technology to the new seal to meet the requirements of electric drives.

“We succeeded in developing dynamic sealing solutions for high-speed electrical engines where the internally cooled rotor speeds up to 20.000 RPM,” said VP research & development Andreas Genesius.

This technology, according to Genesius, is already in series production or ramping up for major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

“We are pleased that we already stepped into e-mobility… [to be] a reliable system partner for future mobility” he added.

A subsidiary of China’s Zhongding Group, Kaco is a Germany-based supplier of seals with six production facilities in Germany, Austria, Hungary, China and the US.