Ford honours Pirelli’s sustainability efforts

Dearborn, Michigan – Pirelli has received Ford’s ‘sustainability world excellence’ award in recognition of it “exceeding expectations” in that area, the tire maker announced 5 June.

Accepting the award, Marco Crola, CEO of Pirelli Tire North America said sustainability was “a fundamental choice” for Pirelli.

“It is fully integrated into the group’s vision and strategies for growth, in all business areas and in all management decisions,” Crola stated.

Ford, he added, has been an important stakeholder for Pirelli in areas such as responsible sourcing of natural rubber, carbon reduction, and materials innovation.

Pirelli “continues to take big strides in developing innovative products for a more responsible automotive industry,” said Ernest Bedia, vice president of OE Pirelli Tire North America.



Filippo Bettini, chief sustainability and risk governance officer, Pirelli, will deliver a presentation on responsible sourcing of rubber on the second day of the Future Tire – Sustainability conference, 11-12 June in Cologne, Germany. Click here for more information about the conference.