New rules to revitalise EU tire labelling scheme?

London – The European Commission has adopted proposals for a new regulation to extend the scope of tire labelling to heavy-duty vehicles and increase consumer-awareness and enforcement of the scheme across the EU.

If voted through by the European Parliament, the regulation will, from 1 Jan, 2020, oblige suppliers to display tire labels in all forms of purchase, including in-shop and online.

This will replace an existing regulation – introduced in November 2012, for passenger car and light-truck tires – requiring that all tires carry labels with information about their fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise.

According to the Commission, its proposals will strengthen the requirements on fuel efficiency, noise and safety of cars, vans and heavy-duty vehicles.

The new label would include extra information on tire performance in snow or ice conditions. The EC will also be empowered to directly impose future requirements to: add ratings for mileage and abrasion, extend the scheme to retreads; and adjust the label classes.

All tire labels will have to be included in a product registration database, which according to the Commission will help national authorities to significantly improve surveillance and enforcement of tire label.

If effective, the product-registration requirement would, therefore,  address what is perhaps the biggest concern for the tire industry regarding the existing scheme.

New testing requirements

An existing test and logo for snow performance will also be included in the label, while a test for ice performance is being developed towards its inclusion as a parameter in the future.

No test has yet been developed that would allow the mileage or abrasion rate of tires to be measured reliably, said the EC, noting that the latter effect is a major source of microplastics released into…

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