UK tire groups demand action on waste-crime

Essex , UK – Tire industry groups are demanding more support from the UK government to cut waste-crime and prevent non-compliant operators and criminals from operating in the recovery network.

In a report sent to the government, the Tyre Industry Federation (TIF) said current used-tire collection and recovery efforts are being undermined by inadequate enforcement action against “deliberately non-compliant” operators.

“Too many operators, both retailers and collectors, have been able to pursue shady practices for too long, undermining legitimate operators and giving the industry as a whole a bad name,” added TIF – an umbrella group for the UK tire industry.

While acknowledging that the government has started to close some of the loop-holes, TIF insisted that all regulatory measures will prove pointless without more effective enforcement.

“For too long government has focused enforcement on legitimate operators who have chosen to apply for an environmental permit,” said Peter Taylor, secretary general of the Tyre Recovery Association (TRA).

“The playing field must urgently be levelled so that all operators are subject to the same regime,” Taylor added in a TIF press release issued 5 Nov.

Moreover,Stefan Hay, chief executive of the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) warned that organised crime groups are infiltrating the UK’s used-tire recovery networks.”

“This is a call-to-action, not only to government but also to our industry,” said Hay”. “As NTDA and TRA seek to work more closely than ever, we must stamp out illegal practices in used tire recovery.”