Invitation: ERJ Sealing Technology feature

Dear Industry Colleague

The Jan/Feb 2019 edition of European Rubber Journal magazine will include a feature on advanced applications for rubber sealing products and materials.

For this, I am asking leading manufacturers to provide examples of cutting-edge application for their materials/products in the last 12-18 months.

It would, therefore, be most helpful if relevant companies could supply concise replies to the following points ahead of our copy deadline of 21 December.

(Background material and images would also be welcome)

For a recent advanced application, please explain:

–              The overall project (including, if possible, details of the client and/or end-user)

–              The main technical challenges involved in meeting the specifications and requirements of the application

–              Rubber-materials and/or manufacturing technologies used to overcome these challenges?

–              Other special competencies, skills and inputs applied before, during and after the project?

–              Any other points, for example about the significance of this project.


To contribute this information to the feature, or request further details, please email ERJ editor: