DKT 2018: Exhibition and conference news

DKT: Rubber industry exhibition and conference


The DKT (Deutsche Kautschuk Tagung) rubber industry exhibition and conference takes place 2-5 July in Nuremberg, Germany. DKT 2018 will be a focal point for the international rubber processing industry, with around 290 company exhibitors and 3.000 industry professionals expected to attend. Read more


Zeon advances in HNBR

ZEON Corp., represented by the European subsidiary ZEON Europe GmbH is presenting a series of innovations and updates of its activities, particularly in Europe. Much focus is on the company’s hydrogenated nitrile rubbers HNBRs, which are widely used in the automotive industry for their resistance to fuels, lubricating oils, coolants and other media components.

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THIXON™ bonding agents

Dow advances octylphenol-free formulations

Dow is highlighting the role of rubber-to-metal-bonding technologies in automotive under-the-hood, powertrain and chassis anti-vibration applications. The company’s portfolio includes Megum and other Thixon rubber-to-substrate bonding agents, new Thixon P-11-F and P-22 primer systems.

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Evonik LWB

LWB, Evonik link to make plastic/rubber parts

LWB Steinl and Evonik Industries have teamed up to manufacture a rotation-symmetrical plastic/rubber composite part in automated manufacturing process on show at DKT 2018. The display showcases LWB Steinl’s capabilities in two-component injection moulding using Evonik’s Vestamid DX9325 polyamide, which is tailored for adhesive-free bonding with EPDM.

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Arlanxeo showcasing high-molecular EPDM

Arlanxeo will present a recently introduced Keltan EPDM grade and outline its development of very high molecular weight versions of EPDM rubber at DKT.  Since the introduction of Keltan 13561C DE, a semi-crystalline EPDM grade with a very high Mooney viscosity for demanding rubber applications in 2017, Arlanxeo has further developed this grade.

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Dow showing new dimensions


Dow Performance Silicones is presenting Silastic silicone and fluorosilicone rubber technologies and an expanded offering of Nordel EPDM suitable for automotive dense and sponge profiles. Silastic silicone elastomers are used in automotive and other demanding applications where performance, reliability, safety and aesthetics are required.

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TARRC/Rubber Consultants highlight expertise

TARRC/Rubber Consultants will highlight their expertise in the fields of elastomer and polymer testing, at the Nuremberg show. The independent groups are among the world’s leading contract research organisations and have been providing testing services to a large and varied client base since 1984.

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Kraiburg expanding its horizons

600Kraiburg calender mixing

Waldkraiburg, Germany – AT DKT, Gummiwerk Kraiburg GmbH & Co. KG will highlight its continued focus on the latest market trends and special customer requirements. Elastomer materials are indispensable products with widespread applications, and this will not change in the foreseeable future, according to the company’s pre-show press release.

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REP focus on Industry 4.0 and more

600REP 4.0

French moulding machinery maker REP will show its range of rubber injection moulding machines as well as its REP Net 4.0 software, which meets Industry 4.0 requirements. DKT visitors will have the opportunity to see the French company’s “2x160T vertical presses, the G10 V410Y10 Core and the G10 V410Y10 Extended.”

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DKT: HF Mixing systems in the room

600HF mixing

Rather than individual items of mixing machinery, the market requires systems comprising integrated machines, modules, automation and auxiliary equipment, according to HF Mixing Group. At DKT, it will highlight its capabilities as a supplier of customised solutions for its worldwide customer base.

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Arlanxeo to show sporting prowess


Arlanxeo’s high performance elastomers (HPE)and tire & specialty rubbers (TSR) business units will present a wide range of “sporting” rubbers at the exhibition in Nuremberg. “Our rubbers are perfect for complex applications in sports,” said Jürgen Gunther, head of global sales in the HPE) business unit at Arlanxeo.

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Dow spotlights automotive advances

fig 62 ARPR004 TSR-car-generic

Dow Automotive will present “breakthrough” technologies in automotive applications including body seals, anti-vibration systems and under-the-hood, powertrain and chassis materials solutions.

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Barbe advances anti-tacks for custom compounders



Barbe will present anti-tack agents from its Promol SL range, which are designed for a wide range of compounds and are formulated to deliver excellent compound compatibility. Supplied as concentrated liquids, the products are diluted with water to provide a dispersion suitable for treating compounds in the form of sheets, strips, extrusion products or blanks, such as by dipping or spraying.

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DuPont to showcase ethylene acrylic elastomers

graphique_Heat resistance -  DuPont™Vamac® Ultra HT compared

DuPont will highlight its Vamac ethylene acrylic elastomers offering during the DKT 2018 conference taking place from 2 to 5 July in Nuremberg. The materials maker will join its Vamac EMEA distribution partner Safic-Alcan at the expo in presenting materials and chemical ingredients for optimised formulations.

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Maplan to double up on Industry 4.0

600Fig1 Maplan _MTF1500-280-DKT_2018_preview

At DKT 2018, Maplan will be exhibiting two fully automatic, Industry 4.0-compatible production cells. Using an MTF vertical machine and MHF horizontal machine combined with handling robots, processing peripherals and the C6000 machine control unit, trade visitors can check out the technical capabilities of Maplan’s elastomer injection moulding machinery and its potential for increasing production efficiency.

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Desma to focus on automation


DESMA will present two injection moulding machines with robot integration, a newly developed e-drive cold runner system and SmartConnect 4.U which intelligently networks machines, components, applications and systems. The two S3 series injection moulding machines will each be equipped with a production cell with robot system and can be readily switched over from machine operation to system operation.

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