DKT: Barbe advances anti-tacks for custom compounders

Wiesbaden, Germany – At DKT 2018, Barbe will present anti-tack agents from its Promol SL range, which are designed for a wide range of compounds and are formulated to deliver excellent compound compatibility.

Supplied as concentrated liquids, the products are diluted with water to provide a dispersion suitable for treating compounds in the form of sheets, strips, extrusion products or blanks, such as by dipping or spraying.

After drying, the film that forms on the surface of the rubber compounds delivers enhanced release properties and optimised lubrication to facilitate extruder feeding.

“The excellent wetting characteristics result in very uniform film formation,” claims a Barbe release. “In combination with the excellent release properties, this allows users to achieve very low rates of consumption.”

This, it added, means that only small quantities of the release agent, which is not usually part of the actual compound formula, are introduced into the compound during subsequent processing.

Using the products is also said to improve the cleanliness of the installations; in a batch-off system, for example, the festoon bars in the cooling section can remain largely free of soapy residues.

The ready-to-use dispersion produces barely any foam and deliver effective and long-lasting protection against microbes, preventing undesired decomposition, family-owned Barbe further stated.

Products from the Promol SL series are typically used in very demanding anti-tack requirements of custom compounders, according to German company.

They contain absolutely no fillers, which could cause disruption during subsequent processing into technical rubber goods, the company pointed out. All constituents, it added, can melt at relatively low temperatures.

In addition to the actual products, Barbe also offers automated handling equipment and process solutions to help customers produce and process elastomers and other polymers in a cost-efficient and reliable way.