DKT: Desma to focus on automation

Fig 93 DESMA OEEFridingen, Germany – At DKT 2018, DESMA will present two injection moulding machines with robot integration, a newly developed e-drive cold runner system and SmartConnect 4.U which intelligently networks machines, components, applications and systems.

The two S3 series injection moulding machines will each be equipped with a production cell with robot system and can be readily switched over from machine operation to system operation. The ‘constant-process’ set-up allows demoulding and handling operations to be continued in the outer station while a new article is being vulcanised in the clamping unit.

Desma will also show off its FlowControl E-Drive cold runner with servo-electrically actuated shut-off nozzles. The system enables the filling process of each nozzle to be triggered individually via a mould internal pressure sensor and the cavities to be evaluated during the vulcanising cycle. The article can be fitted with an individual QR code for assigning all process parameters via an integrated laser station.

Also on display will be the SmartConnect 4.U range, which applies intelligent networking to increase plant/machine uptime, quality and production efficiency.