Conti docks with tougher, smarter tires

Industrial port and container yardHanover, Germany – Continental is introducing tires based on a new durable compound for its V.ply portfolio at TOC Europe, 12 – 14 June in Rotterdam.

The Port Plus compound is designed for applications in port-side loading and unloading of containers, where lift trucks twist and turn on the spot.

The stresses involved heat tires up quickly and cause wear and damage, noted Conti’s 24 May release.

The new compound reduces tire heat generation, minimizes wear and extends tire life significantly, the company said.

Customer tests haver shown “cases where the tire life was even doubled”, said Julian Alexander, product line manager !Press Pictures: Backplate Logo, !Pressebilder: Backplate Logo,material handling at Continental CST.

At the same show, Conti is also highlighting the capabilities of its digital tire pressure monitoring systems ContiPressureCheck for individual vehicles and ContiConnect for fleets.

Both systems use intelligent sensors to constantly measure temperature and pressure from inside the tire.

Data is displayed on a handheld tool, on a screen in the driver’s cabin or on a web portal overseeing the fleet.

Alerts and notifications let the fleet operators know which tires need immediate attention.