Tire Cologne: Vipal to expand in Europe retreads market

Cologne, Germany – Vipal Rubber, one of the world’s leading tire retread manufacturers and the leader in Latin America, has prepared some news for The Tire Cologne, a trade show that takes place between May 29 and June 1 in Cologne, Germany.

During the four-day event, the company will introduce two treads, VM729 and VDE2, which have just received the Alpine Symbol certification. Other treads like VRT3, VDA4, VT160, and VT220 will also be shown to the public.

“The Vipal product certifications in Europe is a multi-year work that has followed this market’s requirements, mainly aiming to guarantee more safety in the treads and products that respect health and the environment,” says the Vipal’s Manager of International Business, Leandro Rigon.

The certifications, said Vipal Rubber, are helping to improve the minimum performance indices in a tire, whether new or retreaded, favoring the tread conditions and leading the market to fit the requirements.

“In Germany, for example, we have the De-minimis, a government program that works as a kind of incentive, using as a technical base the 3PMSF certification. Vipal Rubber already has a number of treads that fit into such programs and plans to expand the portfolio as well as new designs, since current ones may well be adjusted for regulation,” adds Rigon.

New verified treads

VM729 is a tread designed for radial tires and drive axles. It provides uniform wear, low noise levels and excellent drive on dry and wet surfaces, and is particularly recommended for long-distance services on paved surfaces. VDE2, on the other hand, already has excellent drive power and tread direction, offering more wear resistance due to abrasion, being indicated for highway freight transportation.

Both the VM729 and VDE2 treads are also available in the ECO version, Vipal’s eco-line, which includes several products. Among them, we also highlight water-based paint and glue, which contribute to eliminating the use of solvents and promote less worker exposure, as well as reducing the risk of fires in the retreaders.

Vipal Rubber will also use the Tire Cologne trade show to present, first hand, the new Vipal Fleets, a unique tire monitoring platform, which allows the user to perform a complete diagnosis by computer or tablet, in a simple and fast manner and in real time.