Trelleborg trims energy bill at UK plant

Trelleborg UK release agent before moulding seals 600.

Tewkesbury, UK – Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has achieved annual savings of over £11,000 (€13,000) through the installation of a new compressor unit at its Tewkesbury plant.

The equipment was installed last July, as part of a wider production strategy which aims to reduce the energy bill at the 6,000-sq. ft. plant in Gloucesteshire by 3% a year.

The English west country facility is one of Trelleborg’s main production centres for high pressure elastomer seals used in specialist applications, including aerospace, chemical processing, pharma, food & beverage and semiconductor manufacturing.

Trelleborg UK moulding rubber to metal bonding shaft seals 600

Large pot spray guns used for bonding agent to metal parts before moulding rubber to metal bonded shaft seals

Air supply applications at the plant range from actuating pneumatic doors on production machinery to the removal of processed products from moulding tools and the spraying of bonding agents on to metals.

“Everyone takes compressed air for granted, but it is very important throughout our production processes. Compressed air is one of our three fundamental site facilities,” said Ian Henderson, engineering manager for the facility.

Based on an energy audit, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions installed an Atlas Copco rotary screw compressor with integrated refrigerant dryer.

Running the plant at 6.2 bar air system pressure rather than 7 bar, combined with variable-speed-drive capability to alter output from 26 to 155 l/s to match air demands, said an Atlas Copco release.

Energy consumption fell from 45 to 17kWh, which adds up to £11,400 in annual energy cost savings, according to the equipment supplier’s estimates.

“Energy efficiency remains high on the agenda for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions at Tewkesbury and we are always striving to raise the bar,” said Kiet Huynh, general manager of the rubber-parts facility.