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News from August 2004

News articles found: 55

1. Study: Suppliers, automakers must consult early
By Chaz Osburn, Automotive News / August 30, 2004 DETROIT - It's no secret that relations between suppliers and automakers are strained. But there are solutions. A study by A.T. Kearney Inc. co...
31 August 2004

2. Goodyear sees shortage of Aramid
Decatur, Alabama--According to a local news report, Goodyear's fabric preparation plant in Decatur is suffering shortages of aramid fibre. The plant prepares fabric for use in tyres, including spinn...
31 August 2004

3. India launches dumping investigations into NBR, chemicals
New Delhi, India--Folloowing complaints from Apar Industries, the sole Indian producer of nitrile rubber (NBR), the Indian government has started investigating exports of NBR from Europe (excluding ...
31 August 2004

4. Crompton to close Flexzone plants in Thailand, Korea, raise Flexzone prices
Middlebury, Connecticut--Further to its announcement 20 August, Crompton Corp has said it intends to raise prices of its Flexzone range of anti-ozonants, and given more details of its capacity closu...
27 August 2004

5. Dätwyler's Rubber+Plastics business in good form
By Liz White, ERJ staff Altdorf, Switzerland—The Rubber+Plastics Division of Swiss group Dätwyler posted a 13.9 percent increase in sales to Sw Fr 68.9 million (Euro 45 million) in the first half of ...
27 August 2004

6. Amtel raises revenue, achieves 64 % profit rise
By Liz White, ERJ staff Moscow—Amtel Holdings Holland raised its revenue by 19 percent to $383 million (Euro 320 million) in 2003, with gross profit 64 percent up, year-on-year, to $46 million.  Net ...
27 August 2004

7. Trelleborg to consolidate UK profiles at Minworth, close Telford unit
By Liz White, ERJ staff Trelleborg, Sweden—A Trelleborg spokeswoman has confirmed newspaper reports from Telford, UK, that the firm is planning to close the former DJ Profiles facility at Telford and...
27 August 2004

8. New advice on threading calenders from UK safety body
By Liz White, ERJ staff London—Tyre and rubber processors who use calenders should make working conditions safer for operators by making sure they follow new advice from the UK's Health and Safety Ex...
27 August 2004

9. New look online sales for European Rubber Journal products
European Rubber Journal products and subscriptions can now be ordered securely on-line through the new online store. Subscriptions purchased on-line will be activated immedi...
25 August 2004

10. SaarGummi sold to holding fund
By Liz White, ERJ staff Saarbrücken, Germany—RAG Saarberg AG has signed to sell its wholly owned SaarGummi GmbH unit to a private equity group advised by Munich-based Orlando Management GmbH. Deta...
24 August 2004

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