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News from April 2014

News articles found: 80

1. New investment by Michelin in Poland
ERJ staff report (TP) Olsztyn, Poland – The Polish government announced that Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechocinski was at the inauguration of Michelin’s new investment and expansion of...
17 April 2014

2. Asahi Kasei tree-mendous in Inner Mongolia
ERJ staff report (TP) Horqin, China – Asahi Kasei Corporation planted 5,180 trees in the Horqin desert of Inner Mongolia on 12-13 April, as part of an effort to counter desertification in that a...
16 April 2014

3. Engel's Bodingbauer receives South Korean order of merit
ERJ staff report (TP) Seoul, South Korea – Robert Bodingbauer, managing director of Engel Machinery Korea, has been awarded with the Presidential Citation Order of Merit of the Republic of Korea...
16 April 2014

4. Nankang's ECO-2+ tire gets TÜV SÜD recognition
ERJ staff report (TP) Munich, Germany – The new Nankang ECONEX ECO-2+ was certified by TÜV SÜD, the international certification organisation based in Germany. Nankang said it is the f...
16 April 2014

5. ICM acquires Amber Chemical silicones group
ERJ staff report (PR) London – Caledonia Investments plc has sold its long-held stake in Amber Chemical Co. Ltd to ICM Corp. Inc. – a US-based maker of silicone defoamers, emulsions and po...
16 April 2014

6. IHS: Silicones market at risk from expansions in China
ERJ staff report (PR) Houston, Texas – Silicone capacity expansions in China are generating significant global oversupply that is impacting profitability and growth for producers worldwide, an ...
16 April 2014

7. Bridgestone execs indicted for auto part price fixing
ERJ staff report (TP) Cleveland, Ohio – One current Bridgestone Corp. (BSJ) executive and two who formerly worked for the Japanese tire company have been indicted by a US grand jury in Cleveland...
16 April 2014

8. Conti gets Porsche Macan approval
ERJ staff report (TP) Hanover, Germany – Porsche will use Continental tires for its new compact SUV Macan. The sports car manufacturer has now approved both 18" and 21" summer tires from the Co...
15 April 2014

9. Flawless debut for Falken driver Imperatori
ERJ staff report (TP) Nürburgring, Germany – The Falken Motorsports team celebrated a successful premiere, bagging a place on the winners' rostrum at the conclusion of the second VLN race o...
15 April 2014

10. Freudenberg hails 2013 as its greatest success
ERJ staff report (TP) Weinheim, Germany – In the 165th year of its history, Freudenberg said it was more successful than ever before. In the 2013 financial year, the technology group reported r...
15 April 2014

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