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About European Rubber Journal

European Rubber Journal, or ERJ, is the world's leading publication specialising in the rubber industry in Europe.

We cover the tire industry, automotive applications, hoses, belts, seals, anti-vibration systems and many other aspects of the industry. We write articles on market information, technology and corporate strategy. The industries we cover include raw materials suppliers, machinery suppliers, rubber processors—including tire makers—and their customers in the automotive industry.

Our main audience
is senior managers in companies that manufacture rubber goods, and also their suppliers and customers. We try to carry information and articles which help these people make more money, and improve their business. European Rubber Journal has the most knowledgeable specialist staff in the rubber industry. Together they have over 50 years' experience in this complex industry, and this in-depth knowledge helps them provide insight and analysis unobtainable elsewhere either on the web, or in traditional publications.