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ERJ Top 10 Technology Stories

ERJ focus on significant developments and advances in rubber materials, processing and application technologies:


Butti: Tire makers just starting automation journey


AUTOMATION – The tire industry is undergoing “evolution as opposed to a revolution” in terms of its adoption of automation technologies, according to Paolo Butti, industry manager automotive and tire EMEA at Rockwell Automation. Tire makers, he said, are “starting journeys that will take them into connected workspaces through the deployment of smart machines and smarter manufacturing principles.” Read more


Goodyear spotlights new technologies at Geneva show


TIRES – The range of Goodyear’s research and development efforts on display at the Geneva International Motor Show run from the practical — optimised electric-vehicle tires and tire-vehicle connectivity — to the curious — turning the tire/wheel unit into a moss-covered carbon-dioxide sink… Read more


Pirelli unveils ‘cyber car’ technology in Geneva


TIRES – Pirelli & C. SpA has unveiled its latest technical achievement, called Cyber Car, at the Geneva international motor show. The new original equipment system, which has been developed in cooperation with car-makers, involves a sensor that enables interaction between the tire and the car. According to the Italian tire-maker, the technology is already being tested by “the major car makers” and will be on the market by the yearend – on electric and traditional models…   Read more


Solvay robotises its DMA tests



Solvay has added a new Metravib dynamic mechanical analyser (DMA) to improve the productivity of testing at its mechanical test laboratory at Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or, France and cater for increasing demand at the testing faciltiy. The system includes the test equipment company’s new Xpander robot… Read more


Mammut taps TPEs for avalanche-rescue device

600Kraiburg climer aid KRAPR011a (1)

APPLICATION – Mammut Sports Group, based in Switzerland, has substantially advanced its range of locating devices for rescuing winter sports enthusiasts who are buried in avalanches.The range of devices has recently been expanded to include two Barryvox transceivers (transmitter/receiver) with optimised technical and construction characteristics…   Read more


Albis adds polyamide adhesion modified TPVs

Mfg Mgmt lab chemical generic 600

MATERIALS – Albis Plastic is expanding its portfolio of thermoplastic vulcanizate elastomers (TPVs) with new polyamide adhesion modified compounds. The TPVs are said to be resistant to weather, ozone, UV, aqueous solutions, acids and alkaline media, and usable over a temperature range from -40°C to +130°C…   Read more


Vibracoustic starts making smart air spring system

600Vibracoustic Switchable Air Springs

APPLICATION – Vibracoustic has started series production of new switchable air springs with a three-chamber concept. The units are designed to resolve the issue of the conflicting objectives of comfort and driving dynamics. The design uses ‘intelligent controls’ to switch individual air chambers on and off, setting the air springs to one of four different stiffnesses levels to suit different driving conditions…   Read more


Trelleborg seals advance for unconventional subsea wells

Fusion TIFF File

OIL & GAS –Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is to introduce an innovative range of sealing materials, developed to meet the demands of accessing unconventional wells. Called XploR, the sealing materials comprise a range of advanced elastomers especially developed for oil and gas applications, each featuring low compression set characteristics. Read more


Zeon supplies rubber for Yokohama winter tire


MATERIALS – Nippon Zeon Co. has supplied solution polymerised rubber to Yokohama Rubber Co. (YRC) for its latest studless tire “iceGUARD 6″. The company said the solution rubber had high reactivity with silica, allowing for increased loadings and uniform dispersion. Compounds based on the polymer would yield tires with improved rolling resistance properties… Read more


Covestro expects higher TPU use in car cockpit of the future


AUTOMOTIVE – Trends such as autonomous driving and connected mobility will offer significant opportunities for the use of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films in cars of the future, according to Covestro AG. The materials company will major on this topic at the conference “Folien+Fahrzeug”, which roughly translates as films and vehicles, and will study development of film technologies for car interiors.   Read more