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ERJ Top 10 Technology Stories

ERJ focus on significant developments and advances in rubber materials, processing and application technologies:


Trelleborg seals advance for unconventional subsea wells

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OIL & GAS –Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is to introduce an innovative range of sealing materials, developed to meet the demands of accessing unconventional wells. Called XploR, the sealing materials comprise a range of advanced elastomers especially developed for oil and gas applications, each featuring low compression set characteristics. Read more


Zeon supplies rubber for Yokohama winter tire


MATERIALS – Nippon Zeon Co. has supplied solution polymerised rubber to Yokohama Rubber Co. (YRC) for its latest studless tire “iceGUARD 6″. The company said the solution rubber had high reactivity with silica, allowing for increased loadings and uniform dispersion. Compounds based on the polymer would yield tires with improved rolling resistance properties… Read more


Covestro expects higher TPU use in car cockpit of the future


AUTOMOTIVE – Trends such as autonomous driving and connected mobility will offer significant opportunities for the use of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films in cars of the future, according to Covestro AG. The materials company will major on this topic at the conference “Folien+Fahrzeug”, which roughly translates as films and vehicles, and will study development of film technologies for car interiors.   Read more


MacLellan Rubber claims nitrosamine breakthrough

nitrosamine-free polymer-maclellan-rubber-700

MATERIALS – MacLellan Rubber, a manufacturer of rubber sheeting and sealing products, claims to have made a breakthrough in developing nitrosamine-free rubber materials. The company’s technical team has identified formulation and process changes that eliminate the use of accelerators that create nitrosamines… Read more


Yokohama develops world largest floating fender

Yokohama world's largest fender

MARINE – Yokohama Rubber has developed the world’s largest floating pneumatic rubber fender, with a diameter of six meters. The fender is designed to be used at offshore cargo transfer operations of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from LNG-FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading system) to LNG tankers.  Read more


Micro golf ‘balls’ iron out swing


SPORTS –  Golf equipment maker Callaway has employed a novel polyurethane microsphere technology in its new Rogue Irons and Rogue Hybrids clubs. The elastic microspheres improve sound and feel, without compromising coefficient of restitution (COR) or ball speed, the company claims.   Read more


Trelleborg on board world-first floating LNG system

600Trelleborg LNG hose

APPLICATION – Trelleborg has supplied suite of products for an innovative and recently commercialised jetty-less LNG transfer system. The universal transfer system (UTS) was tested out on 7 October 2017: transferring LNG from the Skangas-chartered LNG carrier Coral Energy to the onshore terminal at the Norwegian port of Herøya. Now in full commercial operation, the ‘plug-and-play’ system requires no modifications to the LNG carrier. Instead, the platform is manoeuvred offshore to meet a vessel.  Read more


Trinseo synthetic rubber team wins German award

Fig 81-Trinseo

MATERIALS – Trinseo has won the Hugo-Junkers 2017 Award for “most innovative product development” at Leopoldina, the German National Academy of Sciences. The award was in recognition of Trinseo’s patented highly functionalised synthetic rubber solution for low rolling resistance in tires. Leopoldina presented the award to the company’s synthetic rubber R&D team in Schkopau, Germany, in mid-December. Developed at the Schkopau synthetic rubber plant, the new styrene-butadiene rubber reduces tire rolling resistance by 4% – 5%, Trinseo said. “The Hugo-Junker prize is a motivation for us to keep working on our product pipeline,” said Sven Thiele, R&D leader process & product development anionic at Trinseo.


Nokian has new all-weather tire

Nokian all weather tire TB

TIRES – Nokian Tyres has launched a high-performance, all-season tire, the WR G4, the fourth generation of its all-weather product line. Nokian said the tire offers a reliable winter grip, performing well in snow, slush, heavy rain or sunny asphalt. It will come in sizes ranging from 14 to 19 inches in rim diameter and speed ratings from H to V.  The tire is made with a new all-weather dual performance compound, giving the WR G4 a longer tread life. It features jagged 3D sipes on the center rib — which the company said grips the surface to maximize biting edges while maintaining handling.


Yokohama advances Blue Earth technology


TIRES – Yokohama Rubber Co. has unveiled the BluEarth-Van RY55, a new fuel-efficient tire for vans. Wear resistance and wet grip performance have been enhanced by a special tread pattern, while shoulders with deep lugs and sipes increase steering stability and drainage and prevent uneven wear. The tire compound includes a ‘triple polymer’ to boost durability and resistance to uneven wear and silica to enhance fuel efficiency and wet grip performance. It is over 50% more wear resistant than the existing RY818 model, has 9% shorter wet braking distance and reduces rolling resistance by 19%.